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What if you were told you had inoperable cancer?


My hell began with the words: “You have an inoperable cancer, and it’s your leg or your life!” My orthopedic oncologist spoke these words after failing in an attempt to surgically remove the tumor in my left knee. “I can’t guarantee your survival after the amputation,” he continued, “but it’s a start.”


Shortly thereafter, the medical team advised my husband, C.S., to contact Hospice; the prognosis was clearly not optimistic. We were devastated. I could not believe that I could be losing both my leg and my life. After thinking it through, amputation was simply unacceptable. I knew there had to be a better way. Still, after researching many options, I decided to submit to an experimental Hypothermic Isolated Limb Perfusion – a drastic, almost barbaric localized chemotherapeutic procedure where IOS UF chemicals are forced through the veins. HILP typically results in a perfused leg- a dismal and permanent condition producing a hardened and severely scarred leg with burned and blackened skin. We thought that it might hold off the amputation and delay the tumor’s growth long enough to find another solution.


The procedure itself was grueling. The worst part of it, however, was that the operating oncologist removed with no forewarning to me all of the lymph nodes in my left groin area. Not only was I potentially losing my leg, but I had also lost an essential part of my immune system – and for no reason, because the lymph nodes tested negative!


My challenges continued. Following these procedures, I contracted a severe life-threatening infection due to a poorly attached drain. I was re-hospitalized, enduring a regimen of intravenous antibiotics to handle the severe and chronic pain. My conditioned worsened. I was asleep more than awake and grew weaker by the day. I believed I was nearing death. I decided to forego all my medications, thinking that these might be causing more harm than good. Meanwhile, we were racing the clock to find a place where I could recover free from further poisoning. Fortunately we found Hippocrates Health Institute, and CS and I both enrolled in the Hippocrates Life Transformation Program.


Just eleven months after my Hippocrates Health Institute training and subsequent lifestyle changes, a follow-up MRI revealed that the sarcoma behind my knee had diminished from 42mm to only 27mm in diameter, and that it had completely disentangled from the neurovascular bundle of blood vessels, nerves and connecting tissues. The doctor handed the MRI to my husband, turned toward me and said one word, “Congratulations”. Of course we were moved to tears, though this time they were tears of joy.


My last MRI was several years later in November of 2001. The tumor had reduced in volume by over 90 percent and was well on its way to being eradicated by my dramatically improved immune system. The radiologist, comparing this MRI to the original of 1996, said with amazement that in his 25 years in radiology he had never seen this. He explained that in most survivors, tumors are only slightly reduced in size and become scar tissue.


The head oncologist was equally amazed. He was not only baffled that I had full use of my leg after HILP, but also that the tumor had retracted and was nearly gone. I asked him if he would like to know what I did to get these “amazing” and “remarkable” (his words) results. To my amazement he replied, “I don’t have time to learn about that. I have too many patients to see.” Sadly, the change in my status was truly unbelievable to him, as it is to so many others trained in conventional methodologies.


I have had many people inquire about my experience. But those who don’t know me personally find it difficult to believe. I explain how Hippocrates Health Institute Life Transformation Program taught me how to care for my body and my life. I believe that the Hippocrates Health Institute Program is the very best way to accomplish radical positive change and create optimum health. My biggest regret is that we did not discover and attend years ago. How much better off would I have been if I had learned how to be healthier prior to the cancer? I now understand that cancer cannot overcome a body in good health.


Today, even without those lymph nodes, my wonderful immune system has cleared away almost all of the damage and constructed new healthy tissues. My leg looks great and feels almost the same as my other, and I am bursting with energy and have vibrant health. Over the years CS and I have become quite accomplished ballroom dancers; our life is so beautiful now. Thank you Hippocrates Health Institute for your decades of commitment to the study and research of optimal health; it saved my life. Through your rational guidance and support, I have found health and a fountain of youth within my own body! God bless you all.


Testimonial by Alice Stern, guest of the Life Transformation Program at Hippocrates Health Institute

Patienten aan het woord

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